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Lex Moderne

Hanging Disco Ball Planter

Hanging Disco Ball Planter

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Disco Ball Cement plant pot that works perfect for any indoor small plant! Simple and modern: will fit into the décor style of any home! Recommended to hang in window so when the sun hits the disco ball, it lights up the room! 

Disco ball planter comes with chain, disco ball, and extra disco pieces. 


  • Total Height: (chain + disco ball) ~18.5-19 inches
  • Inner Depth: ~3.4 inches
  • Inner Width: ~3.5inches
  • Opening Diameter: 2.75 inches


  • Total Height: (chain + disco ball) ~20 inches
  • Inner Depth: ~4.9 inches
  • Inner Width: ~5.5 inches
  • Opening Diameter: 3.75 inches


  • Total Height: (chain + disco ball) ~21.5 inches
  • Inner Depth: ~6.5 inches
  • Inner Width: ~7.9 inches
  • Opening Diameter: 4.9 inches
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