Welcome to Lex Moderne, where modern art and clean living come together to elevate your space and bring good energy into your life.

We are a small business based in Lawrence, Kansas, and we specialize in high quality home decor & jewelry pieces that are not only beautiful but also good for you and the environment. 

Our collections include:

  • Handmade custom color concrete planters that are the perfect addition to any plant lover's collection. Each one is unique and versatile, and they come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit any space.
  • 100% soy wax candles with non-toxic fragrance that is phalate- free, carcinogen-free, & toxin-free. 
  • Plantable Candles: Soy wax candle with a concrete vessel that can be repurposed as a planter when finished!
  • High-quality jewelry that is nickel-free, lead-free and safe for sensitive skin.

At Lex Moderne, we believe that the products we bring into our homes should not only be beautiful but also good for our health and the planet. We are passionate about clean, non-toxic products that make you look and feel your best.

Discover the new moderne.

Weddings & Other Parties

  • Cement Trays & Center Piece Platters
  • Mini Planters for Guest Giftbags
  • Candles
  • Bridesmaids Giftboxes
  • Macramé Backdrop
  • Wedding Decals, Stickers, & Signage
  • Arch Displays & Floral Arrangements
  • Table Decorations

Wholesale & Custom Orders

  • Custom Décor Pieces
  • Customization of My Current Products
  • Custom Coloring/ Color Matching for Events
  • Customization for Retailers & Small Businesses
  • Custom Orders for Events (ex. Baby Showers, Weddings, Engagement, Birthday Parties, Graduation etc.)
  • Bulk Products for Retail or Resale
  • Private Labeling
  • Bulk Products for Events or Other Small Businesses
  • Wholesale Options: Multiple ways to order: Hello Abound, Faire, OR Directly through me!

Meet Lex

Hello! My name is Alexis & I am the owner of Lex Moderne. I started my artistic journey in April of 2020 when I picked up macramé as a hobby to preoccupy my time during quarantine. After losing my job in May of 2020, I paid my bills by creating custom macramé pieces for people around Lawrence, KS. After receiving enough positive feedback, I decided to fully commit to developing my artistic brand.

I have always been a free spirit & someone who wants to “do it all” in life. I don’t want to settle on just one dream. This outlook has definitely shaped how I grew my business. I immersed myself into every medium I could get my hands on. I continue to spend several hours everyday researching what I want to accomplish next. There is just so much inspiration out there!

I hope to grow my business to new heights over the next few years & further my creative passion! I have recently started wholesaling my products to stores around the country & actively participate in art shows around the KC metro area! If you see me, say hi! Eventually, I hope to have my own store & also expand into event planning/styling.